With over 3,000 ATM terminals in the field, M3t has a core focus on providing both hardware and software for a complete end-to-end ATM solution.

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M3t in partnership with First Data has developed a proprietary product for giving your customers additional access to cash.  Customers are given a credit limit that is accessible on any M3t terminal on which UltraCash is offered.

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Cash Advance

Giving your customers extreme flexibility to accessing cash is our number one objective.  The Cash Advance feature provides guests the ability to access the cash advance feature on most major credit cards.

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With a direct connection to the networks, M3t can provide competitive rates on all of your financial service processing needs.

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EMV Technology

As a Level II & III certified provider of EMV (Europay, MasterCard & Visa) technology, M3t is providing its customers the ability to conduct chip based credit card transactions.

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In a marketplace that is rapidly changing payment styles and methods, it is important to provide your customers the ability to accept both contact and contactless payment methods.

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Since 2005

Unique Financial Services

M3t specializes in providing both standard and unique financial services to an ever changing marketplace.  These services are offered on proprietary M3t hardware as well as customer owned / developed solutions.  As a manufacturer of kiosk hardware and software solutions in the United States, we believe it is important to control all solutions implemented in the field from end-to-end.  Please call us to discuss the details of your project 1-877-706-7394

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Kiosk Solutions

M3t offers a full line of kiosk solutions for:

  • Accessing cash via ATM, UltraCash or Cash Advance
  • Loading and issuing pre-paid credit cards
  • Issuing patron reward cards
  • Issuing room keys
  • Printing event tickets
  • Controlling facility access
  • Bill Payment
  • Dues Payment
  • Registering in lobby
  • Scanning and validating driver's license
  • Pre-populating forms

Please call us to discuss the specific details of your project 1-877-706-7394


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